Astro Sarum

The Astro Sarum has been designed specifically to provide bariatric users with a modern, sturdy and attractive seating solution.

They deliver incredible comfort with enhanced functionality, whilst offering more support adjustments than any other bariatric chair on the market today.

Manufactured in Britain to the highest standard of design, the Astro Sarum offers users variable backrest and pressure relief.

They have multi action, tilt-in-space, backrest recline, legrest elevation and rise-to-stand. The Astro Sarum doubles as a pressure relief chair, redistributing body weight over a larger surface area to minimise stress on pressure points. It has an interchangeable backrest support and patented adjustable seat depth and width options.

If you would like further information about any of our Astro Sarum Range, or would like to discuss our ability to assist you with your Seating Assessments, please contact us on 01722 410387 or

Ideal for Lymphedema, Bariatric, Mediatric, Lordosis, Gluteus Shelf, OA Oedematous Legs, Edema, Leg Ulcers and more.