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Nursing and Care Homes

Accro Clearline are (like you) committed and passionate about improving the quality of residents' lives in their twilight years. Along with this common desire, we share your dilemma of how to provide this desired level of care, whilst working within increasingly challenged budgets! WE CAN HELP!

With a combined 50+ years of serving this ever-changing market sector, Accro Clearline have teamed up with a well-known and reputable Healthcare Equipment and Consumables provider, by name CLH Group. This partnership brings to the market an “unparalleled advantage” of uncompromising care, quality, commitment and after sales support, which is the common culture of both these companies.

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Son laughing with dad

We promise to be ethical, compassionate, and absolutely fair with our service and prices, and provide a huge range of products and consumables including:

Specialist Seating & Wheelchairs | Moving & Handling Equipment | Bathroom Equipment | Fall Prevention Products | Evacuation Products | Pressure Relief Equipment | Beds and Accessories | Care/Nursing Home Furniture and so much more.

Our Cleaning, Janitorial and Incontinence product range is vast and we invite you to contact us to discuss your particular requirements, on which we are certain we can achieve significant savings for you.

Our 5 main areas of focus are:

  1. To condense and simplify the range of products that our customers use.

  2. To provide ongoing product and CoSSH training.

  3. Regular reporting for customers to keep track of their spending trends.

  4. To deliver customer awareness of new, more-economical or improved products.

  5. To achieve significant savings.

We are at the ready (and eager) to receive your enquiries and to work alongside of you with your specific challenges, in view of providing a simple, highly effective and unrivalled value-for-money solution.

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