Wireless Alerta Detect

The Wireless Alerta Detect uses infrared technology to activate the alarm when body movement is detected within the range of the infrared beam.

The Wireless Alerta Detect is most effective when mounted at the door or bedside; activating the alarm when a user leaves their safe zone and breaks the infrared beam. This alerts the caregiver to ascertain the user’s safety. It is ideal for providing users with the freedom and safety of their own space while still proactively giving the caregiver advanced warning when a user leaves their safe zone.

The Wireless Alerta Detect can be connected to a nurse call system through the Alerta Wall Point Receiver for centralised activation, or used on its own, independent of a nurse call system to give localised alerts through the Alerta Wall Point Receiver only.



  • Wireless connect-and-play system
  • No cables, extra safe and versatile

Technical Information

  • System includes: 1x Alerta Detect motion sensor (must be used with Alerta Wall Point Receiver – sold separately)

Alerta Detect Motion Sensor:

  • Mains or battery powered
  • Low battery alert
  • Takes 3x 1.5v AA batteries

Alerta Wall Point Receiver:

  • High, low and silent volume control
  • Low battery alert
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Takes 2x 1.5v AA batteries