We put the “care” back into healthcare

This little saying is something we have recently adopted.  At first it may sound a little cheesy, a little ridiculous even.  Surely all healthcare “cares”?

How many times have you heard someone niggle about waiting times, rough care, neglect?  What about those times you’ve heard of conditions worsening because of wrong equipment?  Something healing incorrectly, or not healing at all?  What about those dreaded pressure sores? One moment it’s a red bruise like patch and the next it’s a gaping chasm in somebody’s flesh.

Then have a think about how many times you’ve heard “if only”.  If only they picked up that pressure sore sooner, if only they helped a contorted limb quicker, if only they were comfortable for longer.  If only they managed to get that chair, that bed, that cushion…before their loved one passed away.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

  • No one should be looking at a pressure ulcer the size of a fist and muttering “if only they had the correct mattresses and positioning this wouldn’t be that bad now”, whilst they pack it and try to heal the late-stage damage.
  • No one should cry and sob in relief when they are put into a comfortable chair for the first time in 20 years since diagnosis of their medical condition, because nobody until now has taken the time to find the correct product for them.
  • No one should be contorted on a flat, hard mattresses with no support for months until someone finally comes and provides the correct air mattress, positioning cushions, and even pushes as far as a specialist chair for them to relax in.

These people often haven’t been outside for huge lengths of time but, once placed in a proper chair, supported in their contortion, they can move about their home and experience more throughout their day.  They stop staring at the blank wall and bed rails, and start living within their capabilities.  I know which I’d rather.

We are called in to cases like this constantly, almost as a last resort.  Usually when someone is writhing around in agony, hitting out, crying for help and nothing seems to settle them.  Then, often by the end of our assessments, these people have flipped 180 degrees in body language and temperament.  At this point we have achieved true comfort and will leave our equipment with them where possible so they can finally be at peace with their body’s position.

We have had violent clients suddenly feel the comfort of our chairs during assessment and just completely let go, relax, cry, and thank our assessors however they are able.  We’ve even had people speak and laugh for the first time in years.  Loved ones regularly reach out to us after we have been to assess thanking us over and over because we have finally helped them.  It brings a tear to every one of the Clearline teams’ eyes.

Let us change your perspective in specialist seating, bed positioning, and pressure relief.  Let us care before it’s too late, provide comfort as soon as humanly possible, and improve the quality of life right from the onset.  Don’t use us as a last resort.  Use us as a prevention.

Let’s look back together in time and say

  • “isn’t it great that Mr S had a comfortable final 6 months”
  • “aren’t we glad that pressure sore disappeared and didn’t erode into their back”
  • “This mattress has done it’s job, who else in this carehome could benefit from it now?”

At Clearline we don’t simply sell you a product and walk away.  First we assess the need and often leave a product with you from the assessment because we cannot bring ourselves to remove the comfort from someone.  Often this product can be the final product, however, sometimes we need to swap it for the final purchase.  We take care of everything and make this a seamless transition.  Once a product is in place we stay in contact to make certain the product is doing its job.

Our rental system is available to anyone.  This particularly helps those who need a specialist product for rehabilitation or end of life.  They do not have to splash out for something that will have a short usage or fight funding decisions.  We do this because we care deeply for peoples comfort both physically and mentally.

Prevention is our priority

Accro Clearline are at the frontline in the battle against discomfort and pressure damage, not trailing behind as a last resort.

Our focus is peoples’ quality of life and comfort (we sometimes even adapt your existing set up to provide a level of care, unlike anyone else out there).

If you have any concerns over a patient or loved one, give us a call or drop us an email and let us help prevent any further damage happening.  We are not forecourt sales people, that is not our goal.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you prevent rather than cure.  Call me (Louise) on 01722 410387 and let’s see what we can do to help.

But first, take a moment to enjoy the smile we bought to Mary’s face when delivering her beautiful new chair.


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